Hi Deepak.

This is the email that summed up my 32 years. I was committed to everyone but me. I was committed to the job, it was a bad job for me. I was committed to the manager, I did not quit. And this made me break commitments those were necessary.

Made toxic decisions.

I was further away from commitment to self and being selfish. I cared for everyone but me.

That was the reason I worked for many years but wasn't going anywhere. I didn't even realise what was happening to me.

But now I am being aware of this. I am growing selfish. Telling people no. Asking people to do stuff for me that I did not earlier as I was shy.

Now I'm realising and caring for myself, my future self.

I have started reading better literature, started reading your emails too.

Started joining better webinars, listening to better videos and everything. Moving away from shite and working for my better future self.

I wish you all the best.


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Glad to know. Sometimes it takes time for us to change our approach to life. Usually by 30 yrs of age we realize that we should start focusing on ourselves. I am happy I did that change when I was 30.

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I am 29 years old, i say yes to everything came in my way. Saying 'No' not in my list.

Also, i thought saying 'No' to things was rude but now i understood.

This blog is a eye opener for me.

Thanks Deepak!

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Glad to know. I wrote this blog post through personal life experience and I am happy you could relate to it.

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Again got an important life lesson.

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This important lesson of my life

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