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A great read, many of us would relate with most of what you shared to the T !!

I liked the living in the moment the most..and this is my take on it..

Sitting by my table looking out at my balcony. Every morning , I keenly observe the arriving pairs of bulbuls..frolicking around in the pots , whistling around, the male flying in and out around with greater frequency , while the female of the species , waits - observing the nooks and corners of my balcony in a decisive way , perhaps making notes ..the male jets in with a little fruit after a while, lovingly transferring it the beak of the female…then they talk to each other , perhaps have an argument ..and then they end up cuddling each other..perhaps on reaching an agreement , perhaps they have decided to lay their eggs in my balcony ..

A bit further in the same line of my vision is a cricket stadium with 4 flood lights at each corner , each a giant – standing at 130 fts , at the top of each light pole reside pair of eagles ,I see them deep dive from the poles…gliding..zooming down , locked in to its probable target on the ground..its movements precise , its flight path well chartered ..

Both the species so different – in so many ways ..once chooses to reside amongst the eye blinding limelight ..miles up…the height gives its more visual range to reach its goal/s , its physical built enabling it to be the master of flight and to be top predator.. the eagle has bigger goals and hence has the capacity to strategize fast and better . its it nature !!

The Bulbul loves to sing and frolic around , finding peace and fulfillment in the smaller fruits or seeds – which are abundant and need not much planning to achieve.

Both the species know the thin red line which they never cross which leads to disturbing the internal peace.

Their natural behavior is like meditation !!

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So glad you could relate. Thanks for the loooong comment :)

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ideally comment should be relatively smaller than the actual content -whic is the "Hero". But i just chose to not count the words. And went with the flow...

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