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Even after been riding bikes for ages..If someone were to ask me the location or sequence of the gear..I am pretty sure I will fumble as always...!! I reasoned because my engagement with my bike was on a different level..we both communicated when engaged...live.. and worked in tandem...we became one....we dissolved into each other...extensions of each other. Leveraging each others skills. And aware of limitations.. every move became natural....when numbers do not count...The biker became the bike and vice versa....and then I see people treating their bikes as mere machines...and they can exactly tell the sequence of gears.. Me and my bike have conversations...yeah it answers with its grunts and hmmms...!! So yeah..I concur with you on this..!! - the dissolving part ..when one has ego..then one cannot dissolve..

Talking about legacy - A film like "Pother Panchali" for example is a legacy..will remain a legacy...even after the Director Satyajit Ray is gone...with newer directors trying to learn from it.. generations after generations...searching for the hidden metadata - which made the film and the director a legacy...legacies are not an intended goal...they are just outcome of unselfish.. relentless work ..wanting to bring about a change..its the people who consider you a legacy...you don't have a say on this !!

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Your comment made my day :)

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Nicely summed up, Deepak.

Today we are all living in an illusive world and that has taken over in all parts of our life. Human has become a machine and running after competition, already a crowded space.

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