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You know deepak, Actually I attended Vipassana in April 24. I've heard this term called Vipassana, but one of your posts encouraged me to do it now or never.

And I'm very thankful for that.

So thank you so much for re-introducing me Vipassana meditation.

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I am attending 10 days Vipassana course after 2 weeks. Good to know that you already attended. Thanks for sharing your experience. Now I know better what to expect there.

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if I heard from you what I have realise or experience I think these words are not sufficient to express what's I got when I was attuned with reiki just for 3rd level.

How our collected deburris during our present life in our soul are flushed after attuned.

You can not get anger even when you have used it 1000 times in your day to day life.

This is the power of spiritual gift what my spiritual guru presented to me is speachless.

And then now on I don't distract from external World and used to look inner for my betterment.

It's wow moment for both of us when you experience these this can not be described in words.

Thanks to share,looking forward to here more.....

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Hmm..I used to wonder..but now..i know..why your responses on live podcasts are/were mostly neutral to many a seemigly idiotic queries and assertions posed by some of us - the audience , that includes me too.. - you show no urge to respond by negating or demean with harsh words...all you do is smile.. Vipasana must be behind this guiding positive instinct of responding with positivity and empathy !!

I stay only few kms away from one of the village based centre in North Bangalore - I will find my 10 days to indulge in silence...

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This is really encouraging what you wrote. Since past 1 year i have been trying to do vipassana but somehow its just not happening. But this time i am going to do it for sure.

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